Antenatal Care of Routine

Antenatal care at Wellcare Medical Center is offered for both, high risk as well as routine pregnancies. Our team ensures that the mother and unborn baby remains in the best health throughout the pregnancy. Our specialists are trained to provide you all services including medication and consultancy or counseling.

During each trimester, our midwife or GP shall guide you about the optimal lifestyle and dietary preferences.

You may also be directed to avoid unhealthy practices such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Our obstetricians and gynecologists discuss various factors during antenatal appointments including:

  • Any discomfort you are experiencing
  • Pregnancy progress/ stage
  • Any risks that you and your baby may face

The checkups, ultrasounds, tests or any other scans may also be discussed and advised during your antenatal appointments. Your blood pressure, weight, and medical history is also tracked throughout to help you and the baby stay fit. The baby’s heartbeat is checked frequently and any abnormalities that the scans may show are also discussed with you.

Postpartum, our experts recommend you to schedule your appointment if you experience any pain or abnormality during the recovery or otherwise.

Antenatal care of high risk pregnancies is given special priority and is dealt with the most competent team to treat your complications.

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