Benign Breast Disorder

Often patients assume that the lumps in breasts are cancerous but in reality they are due to benign breast disorders. While, these are harmless and do not cause much discomfort but studies show that they can become a cause of breast cancer in future.

Wellcare Medical Center has a proficient staff who can help you with dealing these disorders. You can visit the Medical center to get your clinical assessment and rule out any serious illness associated with the disorder. The disease is common all over the world in women above 30 years of age

Our healthcare providers examine you to determine the problem and may also advise ultrasound or a mammogram to have a detailed and clearer view. We invest quality time and techniques in diagnosis, and often you are required to have a fine needle aspiration. The fluid is withdrawn from the cyst and tested at the lab. Sometimes needle aspiration is also considered an effective treatment, once the fluid is withdrawn, the cyst is known to collapse and disappear.

Patients may suffer from recurring cysts and that is when you need to revisit or consult our experts for a checkup and treatment plan.

Surgical procedures are also offered by our team who are well trained and have the expertise to fix your issue with the right treatment. With the help of surgery, where required, the cysts can be permanently removed .

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Medical Staff

Well care Center has a medical staff with the highest level of scientific and practical experience with competence and good reputation proven by our clients