Clear Aligners

Wellcare Abu Dhabi offers clear aligners as a substitute to the traditional braces. Our experts advice clear aligners for those who suffer from misaligned teeth. We consider clear aligners as a solution to anyone who prefer flexibility and convenience. Clear Aligners are customized for every patient. These are designed depending on the severity of the malocclusion (malalignment) of teeth.

Clear aligners are also used for treating various conditions including:

  • open bites
  • crowded teeth
  • diastema
  • over bites
  • under bites

There are two different types of aligners: in-office aligners and at-home aligners. Both types are made of medical grade plastic and are trimmed to comfortably fit your gum line.

Wellcare Medical Center has a professional team who ensures that the entire treatment is stress free and you are provided step by step guidance at every step for optimal results. You may be advised various scans so that the doctor can create an effective treatment plan. The weekly progress is tracked by the doctor for optimal progress and results.

Every week a new set of aligners maybe given to the patient to help the teeth move into the right direction. The typical duration of the treatment varies between 10 to 24 months.

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Medical Staff

Well care Center has a medical staff with the highest level of scientific and practical experience with competence and good reputation proven by our clients