Female Endocrine Disorders

Endocrine disorders may occur due to several reasons. Mostly these occur when the gland produces abnormal (too less or too much endocrine hormone) resulting in hormone imbalance. In other cases, the cause of endocrine disorder maybe severe such as development of nodules or tumors. Our experts also recognize other causes like infections, injury to endocrine glands, or a serious genetic disorder.

For this disease, our experts / endocrinologists are available for your service. Our endocrinologists are well trained to manage these disorders and provide you the treatment after thorough checkup and diagnosis. Typically, blood and urine tests are prescribed for a complete understanding and overview of the problem.

The hormone level may fluctuate readily in some cases which can be very technical and challenging when it comes to the treatment.
The treatment plan is determined with regular blood checkups and updated accordingly. You must consider getting your condition examined without any delay as hormonal issues can lead to other serious problems.

Our experts may also suggest x-ray or thyroid scans for a better analysis.
You can simply visit Wellcare Abu Dhabi and our team shall take care of your endocrine disorders without any delay.

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