Fluids in middle ears in children

Young children and babies tend to have middle ear infections which are called otitis media. This infection develops a fluid or pus in the ear canal behind the ear drum and causes pain. Sometimes it may lead to deafness. In many cases, the ear drum bursts and release fluid which makes the children feel relieved. It later heals by itself. This type of infection could be caused due to ear infection, cold or nasal congestion. Children may feel fever, ear pain or inflammation. They may face difficulty in hearing or balance problems.

The important step you need to take is to see an expert ENT specialist. Come a visit Wellcare Medical Center and get your child treated by our expert healthcare specialists. We have the best of pediatrician and ENT specialist available to serve you by providing the most effective health solutions all under one roof. Our ENT specialist will decide which treatment would suit your child’s condition. A variety of treatments are available which may include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Ear tubes to be inserted in the eardrum too allow the fluid to drain out of the ear.
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