التهاب اللثة أفضل علاج ممكن في أبو ظبي

Gingivitis is a serious dental issue which can be resolved with timely consultation and medication/treatment by the certified professionals at Wellcare Abu Dhabi. The condition is often caused by the bacteria around or between the teeth, which can cause damage to gum tissue and if not taken care of, it can result in loss of teeth, abscess in jaw bone, trench mouth, or ulceration. Many studies show that gum diseases can cause additional health problems such as cardiovascular diseases.

Regular smoker, or patients of cancer, diabetes and HIV are more prone to this dental disease. Often its linked to the family history and poor diet as well. The dental experts recommend the treatment depending on the intensity of the disease.

Wellcare Medical Center has the right dental technicians and tools which can help you fight gingivitis through scaling and also educate you about the regular oral hygiene to avoid further damage. The common oral hygiene practice recommended by our experts is to brush twice a day, avoid high sugar foods, use mouthwash, and quit/ avoid smoking.

However, Wellcare Abu Dhabi encourages you to take timely consultation for the right and optimal treatment and outcome.

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