Hysteroscopy resection

Hysteroscopy is amongst the modern treatments offered for various disorders including fibroids and polyps. The procedure allows the doctor to examine your cervix. At Wellcare Abu Dhabi, we offer different types of hysteroscopy procedures for different purposes. To determine the underlying causes of some illness, you can get diagnostic hysteroscopy.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy is done to verify other tests results. Sometimes, the experts recommend hysteroscopy to support other procedures such as dilation and curettage or laparoscopy.
Our competent doctors may advise operative hysteroscopy to treat the fibroids and polyps. Abnormal bleeding is another cause of concern which is often addressed through operative hysteroscopy.

The Medical Center considers hysteroscopy as a safe procedure in which chances of complications are less than 1%.

It is also the best solution for submucous myoma. Women who plan to pursue pregnancy after the treatment can also consider this as a safe option. The hysteroscopic myomectomy is conducted using wire loop or other vaginal apparatus which are safe and can give you the desired results.

By visiting our Medical Center, you can book an appointment with our certified doctor and get your procedure done in the safest environment without worrying about aftercare and recovery as our team is available 24/7 for your guidance and assistance.

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