Menopause and hormone replacement

Menopause symptoms are known to be a common problem among women. Since the estrogen levels lower down considerably during menopause, women are likely to experience hot flashes or vaginal dryness.

At Wellcare Medical Center, we offer the advanced hormone replacement treatment to overcome the symptoms associated with menopause. Hormone therapy is also known as HRT, estrogen replacement, or menopausal hormone therapy. This works very well in handling menopausal issues.

Estrogen therapy is offered to patients for the same issues, however, our doctors always look into the medical history of the patient before starting the treatment. Much lower levels of estrogen are suggested for women who have gotten hysterectomy.

Wellcare Abu Dhabi also provides combination therapy known as the Estrogen/Progesterone/Progestin Hormone Therapy. This has several benefits, the most important one being that it prevents cancer.

The side effects of hormone replacement should be discussed with your doctor. Typically, our team educates the patients before the procedure about the pros and cons. In case of side effects such as bleeding, bloating, headaches, mood changes or breast tenderness, you must immediately call the doctor or visit or emergency department.

Wellcare Abu Dhabi always determines your eligibility for the treatment upon clinical assessment and your medical history.

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