Around 60% of the people experience nosebleeds at least at some point in their lives. Sometimes it is caused by nose picking or dry air. To treat allergies, your doctor may suggest medicines like antihistamines or decongestants to control the runny nose or itching. These medicines can dry your nasal passage and cause nosebleeds. This is not very dangerous because the nosebleed will stop after a certain time. However if you face frequent spells of nose bleeding and you are having difficulty in breathing, seeing a doctor is a must.

Immediately rush to Wellcare Medical Center. Our health expert will ask you questions about your nose bleeding like length of your nosebleed, approximate amount of blood that was lost, its frequency and the involvement of single or both nostrils. After taking your medical history and checking your nose from inside, he may suggest you treatments according to your condition. We offer the following treatments for nose bleeding:

  • Nasal packing: Special nasal foam or sponges are used to inflate latex balloon to develop a pressure at the bleeding site.
  • Cauterization procedure is performed in which few chemicals are applied like silver nitrate or electro cautery to seal the blood vessel.
  • Medication adjustments are made to reduce the amount of blood thinning medications.
  • Tranexamic medication may also help to clot the blood.
  • Surgical repair
  • Legation
  • Foreign body removal
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