A noisy breathing while you sleep is snoring. It is a very common problem which can affect anyone whether you are a child or an adult. People who are overweight tend to face this problem more than others. It is simply disturbing for your bed partner. If you are long term snorer, you not only disrupt the sleep of your bed partner but your own quality of sleep. Snoring could also be a symptom of sleep apnea. It has many underlying causes like blocked airways, bulky throat tissue, poor muscle tone, sleep deprivation or any other reasons. If your partner has observed that your breathing stops and starts during sleep because of snoring, you must visit a doctor.

To diagnose the issue, our healthcare expert at WellCare Medical Center Abu Dhabi may take few tests like imaging tests and sleep study to diagnose the issue. These treatments may be offered:

  • Life style changes: suggesting you to lose weight, quit smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Oral appliances: placement of a plastic device in your mouth to keep your airways open
  • Surgery to shrink the tissues in your throat or making the palate stiffer
  • CPAP for giving a continuous positive airway pressure
  • Other medications that help improve your conditions
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