Tonsil problems

Tonsillitis is a kind of infection of the two masses of a tissue which are located at the back of your throat. Tonsils work as filters. They prevent the germs that could enter you airways and can cause infections. Sometimes your tonsils are overcome by viruses or bacteria. This infection causes the whole back neck area inflamed and swollen. Tonsillitis is most common in children and can happen once in a while. The children may feel throat pain, fever, headache, ear pain, trouble swallowing, muffled voice or stiff neck. Whatever kind of Tonsillitis your child is having, taking a proper treatment is must. The child feels very disturbed problematic.

Wellcare Abu Dhabi has the best facilities to provide the healthcare your child is needed. Our experienced health experts will do a physical exam first. They will check whether your child’s tonsils swollen or red. Fever would also be checked. They may examine nose or ear, swelling or pain to see for more signs of the infection. Few more tests may be conducted like throat swab or a blood test. After having all tests and careful diagnosis, our healthcare specialist may device any of the following treatment.

  • Medication: you may be given a one-time injection and few drugs to few days.
  • Home Remedies: Your physician may advise you to take rest, use cool-mist vaporizer, suck lozenges, to take more water or to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen
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