Vaginal Delivery

One of the most common and widely popular means of delivering a baby is the vaginal delivery. Wellcare Medical Center encourages every patient to opt for simple and uncomplicated procedures when it comes to delivering a baby. During vaginal delivery, our skilled doctors are available to facilitate you in every possible way.

Some women fear the natural childbirth, while our experts suggest that this is the fastest and the safest method when you are full term. Both mother and newborn are usually safe and fit through the process.

During the natural birth, you are constantly monitored. Some mothers choose additional methods to assist a faster delivery. Assisted vaginal delivery has many forms including the popular vacuum extraction, forceps delivery, episiotomy and amniotomy.
In some cases, induced labor is chosen if the doctor is concerned about you and your baby’s health.

The recovery time is much lesser and involves lesser medications or after care. Wellcare Medical Center has the best gynecology department which comprises of a competent staff who are readily available for your assistance.

Often you are offered pain management medications or interventions to help you deliver a healthy baby without delays and complications. So visit the experts at the Medical Center and understand the pros and cons of vaginal delivery to prepare yourself for a natural and safe childbirth experience.

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Medical Staff

Well care Center has a medical staff with the highest level of scientific and practical experience with competence and good reputation proven by our clients