Vaginal Tightening

Many patients complain about changes in the shape, appearance and functionality of vagina. Studies show that vaginal changes occur due to natural ageing and childbirth. At Wellcare Abu Dhabi, you can discuss your treatment options and select the best one that fits your need and budget.

We offer non invasive treatment options including creams and laser treatment. Many patients prefer these due to quick recovery time and lesser pain.

Laser treatments by Wellcare Abu Dhabi are a perfect solution for those who seek better results using the latest technology. The treatment can improve the lubrication, muscle strength and appearance of vaginal walls.

However, for high end results, you can choose a surgical option after discussing with our professional surgeons. The recovery time of surgery is up to 6 weeks and you may need to take special care and medicines for complete recovery.

Surgery is typically suggested as a solution when patients want permanent solution to stress incontinence or other medical issue. However, some may pursue it for a better appearance and sexual contentment. When opting for surgery, our experts also guide you about the anesthesia and aftercare.

So, you can visit the Medical Center for getting your treatment plan and benefiting from the various options offered by our experts.

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Medical Staff

Well care Center has a medical staff with the highest level of scientific and practical experience with competence and good reputation proven by our clients