Crown Bridges Porcelein Veneers and Lumineer

Crown, bridges, porcelain veneers and lumineer- these could be your best friends when it comes to the restoration of your teeth and dental problems.

Wellcare Medical takes all dentistry aspects in view and offers you a wide range of services. Crowns are ideal for restoring a tooth whether its natural or implanted. These are specially designed in lab and customized to fit your jaw to give a natural look.

You can also get your missing teeth replaced with bridges, these are fitted in the specific location of the missing tooth and give a very comfortable and natural look. Their natural shape and contouring help you chew and bite conveniently as well.

Wellcare Medical offers multiple ways of fixing your dental concerns. Often people want to invest lesser time and effort in transforming their teeth, in such cases, they can opt for porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers require only slight shaping of the front side of the tooth. The thickness and design of the veneer depends on the desired outcomes.

For maligned teeth, the dentist may also direct you to go get lumineers to which can enhance your smile. Whether your teeth are chipped or stained, lumineers can be your ideal savior.

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