General Medicine Department at Wellcare Abu Dhabi

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General Medicine is actually the largest division within the department of Internal Medicine. It is a field of medical specialty which deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the diseases found in adults. The doctors of general medicine are specialized to treat and manage the patients who are having indistinguishable or multi-system set of diseases. They work and take care of the hospital’s ambulatory patients. The general medicine department also provides the acute and sub-acute secondary care for the patients coming to the hospital for taking medical care. Our services starts from the day a patients gets registered, hospitalized, achieves final rehabilitation and gets discharged from the hospital.

Wellcare Medical Center Abu Dhabi is an ideal place if you require any kind of healthcare services related to any health issue which falls under the General Medicine Department. Our General Medicine Department is led by the competent consultants in diversified medical fields, registrars and paramedical staff which excel in providing the best medical healthcare services to its patients. Our hospital has a very effective and state-of-the-art Medical Assessment Unit which strives to deliver the best diagnosis and consultation liaison services for all the diseases which comes under the umbrella of general medicine.

We have a dedicated team that joins hands and create synergies to support our mission of providing the excellent healthcare services to its patients round the clock. We achieve this mission by delivering the excellent patient care through a conducting a comprehensive and advance research, education and training in the field of General Medicine.

Unparalleled Patient Care

The Department of General Medicine at Wellcare Medical Center provides a matchless patient care services. Due to this high quality of unparalleled patient care, we are privileged to have earned the title of best healthcare service providing hospital in the town.

Education and Training

Our Department of General Medicine is committed to provide the most comprehensive and superior education and training services to its students, fellows, paramedical staff and residents of our hospital. We aim to produce the best lot of students, expert physicians and leaders in their fields of healthcare services.

Latest Research

The General Physicians at General Medicine Department Wellcare Abu Dhabi are the most recognized, well qualified and highly trained experts in their respective fields. Our physicians have not only acquired vast knowledge, experience and skills but are but are already serving on key leadership positions in the field of General Medicine Research. Our General Medicine Department is deeply integrated with the best health practices for the diagnosis and treatment of diversified diseases in a most effective way. Since the inculcation of a latest research in the field of General Medicine is a hallmark of our best health service practices, this has made Wellcare Medical Center an ideal place for all those patients who want to have a result-oriented treatment.

A wide range of health issues are being treated successfully at Wellcare Abu Dhabi. Few of the most prominent health issues which we treat at Wellcare Medical Center include:

  1. Women’s health
  2. Men’s health
  3. STD checks
  4. Breast checks


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