Wellcare Medical Center Urology and Reproductive Tract Department

Wellcare Medical Center offers the best urology and reproductive track treatments in Abu Dhabi.Urology is a field which deals with the diseases of the male and the females related to Kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra. It also includes male reproductive organs. Different complications related to urinary and reproductive tract are deeply connected with one another so they also affect the functionality of each other. Our expert Urologists treat diseases and infections related to male and female reproductive and urinary tract organs and ensure you enjoy a healthy life.

Wellcare Medical Center offers the best healthcare to its patients by utilizing the state-of -the -art technology and equipment for accurate diagnosis of the disease. Our highly skilled team of consultants are committed to providing the best healthcare to our patients.

Wide Range of Urinary and Reproductive Tract Treatments

We at Wellcare Abu Dhabi have the most advanced and comprehensive clinical, surgical and non-surgical care for the malfunctions and diseases which affect the urinary and reproductive tract. Our Urology and Reproductive Tract Department is headed by world’s best most renowned Urologists Sexologists.

Our consultants have gained an in-depth knowledge in treating vast range of diseases in the field or urology. Our Urology department deals with multiple health conditions related to reproductive organs by utilizing the most advanced techniques in the areas of medication, surgical and non-surgical treatments.

With vast knowledge and expertise in managing a big range of diseases like kidney stones, Urinary Incontinence, different types of cancers, our specialized experts provide you the best ever health service you can imagine. Our services are ideal for all those patients who want result-oriented and safe treatment for themselves.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Wellcare Abu Dhabi has the world’s best technology for diagnostics, labs, surgical and non-surgical treatments in the field of urology. By installing the best technology we provide the best health care services for our patients with unsurpassed excellence.

Best Consultancy Services

Our expert consultants offer the most advanced solutions to treat your problems in minimum time. Our expert Urologist and Sexologist deals with the minute details related to your health problem, so they have to be highly skilled and expert in their area of specialization.

Our consultant Urologists and sexologists are best in operating technically complicated surgical and non-surgical treatments with utmost precision and care. They are fully capable to do laser procedures in multiple surgeries. Every procedure which is offered at our hospital is affordable. Our consultants communicate about the number of sittings and cost prior to treatment. Service packages are highly affordable.

Urology and Reproductive Tract Treatments

Wellcare Medical Center provides a wide range of treatments for urology and related issues all under one roof.
Here are the treatments you can get from us:

  1. Urinary Stones
  2. Incontinence
  3. Prostate Health
  4. Sexual Dysfunction in men
  5. Female Urology
  6. Uro Oncology
  7. Reproductive Urology
  8. Pediatric Urology
  9. Neuro-Urology


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