Female Urology

Any infection present in the urinary tract comes under urinary tract infections UTI. The urinary tract system includes kidney, bladder, ureter, urethra and their linking tubes. The urinary infection could be quite painful, annoying and disturbing. Females are more prone to create urinary infections than men. The biggest reason is the bacteria which enter the urinary tract and start to multiply. Cystitis is caused by E.coli bacteria and Urethritis is caused due to GI bacteria from anus to urethra.

A variety of treatments are available to cure urinary tract infections. Wellcare Medical Center has the best consultants to provide you all the necessary treatment. Antibiotics are basically our first line of treatment. However if you have frequent spells of UTI, few more effective treatments could be prescribed by our consultants.

  • If you are face UTI due to sexual activity, a single dose of antibiotic after sexual intercourse could be effective.
  • If you have prolonged UTI spells, low power antibiotic medicines could help your conditions.
  • If you have reached your menopause, you might get a vaginal estrogen therapy.
  • Besides these treatments, our consultants provide you the best of consultation by giving you the self-awareness and necessary precautions to safeguard you against urinary tract infections.
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