Simple and Surgical Extractions

Tooth extractions are often the ideal solution for complicated problems which cannot be tackled otherwise. There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical. As suggested by the name, for some issues, our experts suggest simple tooth extractions that can be performed easily as the procedure involves the removal of a visible tooth.

On the other hand, Wellcare Medical Center offers surgical extractions for more severe cases. This type of extraction is typically performed for a tooth that is within the jaw. For surgical extractions, an oral surgeon is deputed to make the incision and extraction as it is more complicated and needs special attention to detail.

Whichever, extraction method is applicable in your case, the dentist or oral surgeon will require you get an x-ray done before starting the process. The x-ray gives a clearer image of the internal structures to perform error free extraction.

Tooth extractions are challenging when it comes to pain management. Wellcare Medical offers local anesthetics as well as general anesthesia for longer processes. Depending on the client’s expectations, the dental specialists may also offer steroids or pain relief medicines. Upon completion of the extraction process/ surgery, you can expect slight discomfort or bleeding for a few days.

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