Preventive Dentistry

Wellcare Medical offers Preventive Dentistry services to ensure that your dental health remains intact. Preventive dentistry is focused on the prevention of the development of dental issues. With proper dental care, you can avoid a variety of diseases including

  • enamel loss
  • cavities
  • periodontitis
  • gingivitis

Those who wish to keep their teeth healthy, must see the dentists at regular intervals to rule out any issues. The idea of preventive dentistry is to educate young children and adults about the best oral hygiene practices, which can help them maintain strong and healthy teeth. The harmful bacteria in your teeth and mouth affect your overall health and can become the cause of serious underlying health issues.

However, the preventive dentistry may not save you from the existing dental issues and treatments but it can save your time and money that you may need to be invested on future treatments. Regular checkups and consistent oral hygiene always contribute towards maintaining a great dental health.

If you plan to follow professional advice to ensure that your dental health stays intact, then visit Wellcare Abu Dhabi and see our certified professionals for consultancy and advice.

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