Teeth whitening cleaning and polishing

These are some of the most sought after treatments offered at Wellcare Abu Dhabi. The purpose of each treatment varies and your dental hygienist will recommend you the treatment based on the clinical assessment of your teeth as well as your requirements. Some people demand teeth whitening, which is mainly for cosmetic purposes. While, others may need treatment solely for maintaining dental health which can be addressed by teeth cleaning. The teeth whitening process removes plaque and tartar from the teeth.

However, if you are concerned about yellow or stained teeth, the ideal solution can be suggested by our experts. Often people who want instant results can get laser bleaching done by the professional certified dentists at the Medical Center.

Teeth cleaning processes vary for each client, some may need Prophylaxis, which is conducted every 6 months. In other cases, a deep cleaning treatment may be needed based on the dental issue. For such cases, the Wellcare Abu Dhabi offers root scaling and planning.

Due to similarity in the names of the procedures, you may assume that the purpose and process for each treatment is the same which is certainly not the case. To get a better insight, you can visit and book your appointment with Wellcare Abu Dhabi and restore your healthy and shiny teeth!

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