Temporomandibular joint Disorder Treatment

The Temporomandibular joint is responsible for connecting your jaw to the skull. This enables a person to chew and bite by moving the jaw up and down. Due to several causes people often suffer from the temporomandibular disorder, which can be treated effectively at Wellcare Medical Center. A thorough physical examination is conducted by the dentist to determine the disease. The symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorder are similar to various other teeth issues such as gum disease, tooth decay or arthritis.

Wellcare Abu Dhabi believes in providing the right treatment hence, the professionals examine your teeth in detail and may also get x rays and MRIs done to have a detailed overview. In most cases, doctors advise you to take precautions such as eating softer foods, use moist/hot or cold packs, and avoid extreme jaw movements.

The treatment is suggested in light of the sensitivity of the disease. The dental experts may advise you to take oral medications or radio wave therapy. For more severe cases, surgery is the right option. There are three different types of surgeries performed to treat temporomandibular disorder :

  • Open joint surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Arthrocentesis

However, surgery is the last and final option offered by the Medical Center experts. Also, the type of surgery depends on your condition determined by the x-ray and physical examination.

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