Uro Oncology

When the cells in the urinary tract begin to multiply and divide in a well-ordered way these create mutations. This mutation causes these cells to grow rapidly and develop into tumors. These abnormal cells grow and the normal cells continue to die. This abnormal cell growth can invade nearby tissues while the others may spread to the other body parts also.

Wellcare Medical Center specialized oncologist will investigate about the symptoms and history about your conditions. After conducting a complete examination, our expert oncologist will advise few blood tests and urine sample for abnormal cell growth in the urinary tract. Biopsy could be recommended to see whether the growth is cancerous or not. Cystoscopy could also be suggested to examine urethra from inside. If it is found cancerous than more tests would be required. A complete X-Ray, CT Scans and MRI of the pelvic area could also be suggested.


If the urinary tumors are detected at an early stage, it can be treated by radiations, chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells. Sometimes removing the tumor is needed to get rid of the difficult condition. Sometimes the vaginal parts of the penis, urethra or bladder might be removed and can later be reconstructed with the help of plastic surgery.

Our expert Oncologists at Urology and Reproductive Tract Department Dubai provides an excellent surveillance to monitor the cancer and its growth. The might perform tests to check whether the cancer is getting worse or not. Further treatment plan is scheduled according.

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