Adolescent Gynecology

At Wellcare Medical Center, we ensure that everyone can gets the best healthcare services under one roof. Adolescent Gynecology at Wellcare Abu Dhabi is all about providing compassionate care to babies, girls and teenagers suffering from any issues related to female reproductive organs. Our pediatric adolescent gynecologists provide you with the best evaluation, and treatment services.

As younger girls or children are more sensitive and reluctant to seek treatment for any issues, our team makes sure that they examine and handle the young patients with exceptional care. The healthcare providers comprise of specialists who are well trained and aware about the varying needs of patients at an early age.

Medical and emotional support is very crucial for children as they are at a growing age and may not feel comfortable with the idea of getting treatments at hospitals. We have advanced surgical solutions for age groups ranging from newborn to 28 years old.

Some of the services provided under Adolescent Gynecology include:

  • Management of menstrual abnormalities
  • Initial reproductive health visit
  • Evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic pelvic pain
  • Surgical management of adnexal, uterine, vaginal and perineal abnormalities

By booking an appointment with our healthcare providers, you can discuss your concerns and get your examination done to finalize the further course of action.

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