Endometrial disorder

Endometrial disorders are painful and may cause extreme discomfort to the patient. The abnormal tissue growth is most likely to make you experience irritation, fertility problems, extreme pain during periods or scar formation.

The treatment offered at Wellcare Medical Center is based on the patient’s condition. We are committed to provide the right and efficient medication for Endometrial disorders. Endometrial disorders have different stages in terms of severity including mild, moderate and severe. Both, medical and surgical treatments are available at Wellcare Abu Dhabi to manage the disease.

Mostly, our experts try to manage the disorder through conservative and easy treatment. However, some cases may require surgical interventions to avoid further deterioration of the patient’s health.

The diagnosis is based on one or more tests including the physical examination, ultrasound, or laparoscopy. It may not be very easy to determine the problem as the symptoms resemble various other diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease or ovarian cysts.

Often women conceive after the treatment but in some cases they may require a thorough fertility treatment. Pain management is the biggest challenge when it comes to dealing with these disorders, which are dealt carefully by our experts to save the patient from anxiety and depression due to the same.

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