Voice problems

Many people face voice disorders if they have problems with tone, pitch, its volume and other qualities. Actually or voice is a sound which the air makes when we force it out of our lungs and it passes over our vocal cords. Our vocal cords are our voice box and the vibration of these cords creates sound.

There are many types of voice problems which you may face. Laryngitis is a disorder which is caused when our vocal cords cards swell. This makes our sound hoarse or we may not to speak at all. If a virus traps in the upper respiratory tract you may get acute laryngitis which may last for few days. Chronic Laryngitis may cause swelling which may last for a long time. The most common causes of speech disorders are chronic cough, GERD or use of inhalers for asthma. Vocal Cord paralysis may cause the vocal cords to get partial or complete paralysis. Spasmodic dysphagia is caused due to vocal cords spasm.

If you have experienced a voice change that lasted for few weeks, you must see our healthcare expert at Wellcare Medical Center. Our expert otolaryngologist will enquire about symptoms and how long you had experienced them. Your vocal cords and larynx may be examined through different tests like Laryngoscopy, EMG, Stroboscopy or Imaging tests. After the diagnosis, the right treatment will be advised by our skilled consultant. The treatments for voice disorders may include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Speech Therapy
  • Medicines
  • Injections
  • Surgery
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